Site Updates-090812

Updates as of 02-09.Aug /2012:

  • (09.08) 3 new problems are added! Actually, 2 of them I’ve got on 08.08, but late in the evening: No.76 by Peter Harris and No.77 by Seetharaman Kalyan. And the one of today is No.78 by Gabriele Brunori who would like to get your comments to improve his problem!
  • (08.08) Again, 4 new problems are added! Please see: No.72, 73 by  Zoran JanevNo.74 by János MikitovicsNo.75 by Peter Harris. I appreciate your activity a lot!!
  • (07.08) 4 new problems are added! Please see: No.68 by  Peter Harris, No.69 by János Mikitovics, No.70, 71 by Valerio Agostini. Thanks a lot to all authors!!
  • (06.08) See a problem No.67 by Seetharaman Kalyan – composed after comments to  No.63.
  • (06.08) See the improvement of No.34No.34.1 – added by the same authors: Themis Argirakopoulos, Pierre Tritten & S.K.Balasubramanian
  • (05.08) One more new problem by Peter Harris is added – see No.66!
  • (04.08) See new exotic problem by Peter HarrisNo.65 ! Mr.Harris always shows some new fairy condition to learn!
  • (03.08) It’s a pleasure for me to add a problem by one of the first and most active visitors of the site – Seetharaman Kalyan! See a direct mate (a very rare genre here!) with MAO – No.64.
  • (02.08) 2 new problems are added!  First of all – welcome to Gabriele Brunori, Italy! See his problem No.62. The second one is my own, Anti-Andernach, No.63.
  • (02.08) New issue of Fairings by Chris Feather is added to the Articles. See Fairings No.25!
  • See the new design of the main page of Original problems and my post about it! Hope, you like it!
  • See the unique h#-book by Christopher Feather BLACK TO PLAY – at the Articles page.

JuliasFaries Announcement-020812

02 Aug, 2012

Original Problems @ Julia’sFairies

  • Dear friends, let me present to you a new form of the main page of Original Problems section. If you click on the [Original Problems] tab on the upper menu – you will get a list of all problems published at Julia’sFairies site. The numbers of the problems work as links to them. Click on the number to see the problem on the page where it is published.
  • I’d like to tell a special THANKS! to PETER HARRIS – who has given me an idea of creating this table, suggested the structure of it and helped me with filling in the whole content.
  • I’ve added to the list of the original problems also the originals from the articles written for Julia’sFairies. Like, you will see now the numbers starting from letters “NB” for the problems inside the articles Block of Neutral Battery Piece I,II.
  • I’m sorry if I have made any mistakes in the table or links! I have mistakes from time to time, as I want to do everything as fast as possible. Also, this is my first experience in running the web-site. So, please let me know if you see anything working wrong, or if you have any other suggestions regarding the structure of the site or about the realization! 

Thank you for coming!

Sincerely, Julia