Israeli Chess Composition Society: Theodor Tauber MT C31.12.2015 & Alex Ettinger 90MT Award


Theodor Tauber Memorial Tourney

The Israeli Chess Composition Society is announcing a chess problem composition tourney dedicated to the memory of Theodor Tauber (18.08.1950 – 3.09.2013).
Theme: At least one twin which changes the condition of the problem from orthodox to a fairy condition or from one fairy condition to another. Any type of problem is allowed with or without fairy pieces.
Judge: Hans Gruber. Closing date: December 31, 2015.
Send originals to Michael Grushko, Box 363 Kiriat-Bialik ,Israel ,27000 | or by email to:

Alex Ettinger 90 Memorial Tourney Award
Judge: Michael Grushko

A total of 88 problems competed in the tourney, submitted by 31 authors from 17 countries. There were 34 miniatures and 54 Tanagras (up to 5 pieces) and, being the admirer of low-figured tasks I allocated them into separate sections.

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5 Responses to Israeli Chess Composition Society: Theodor Tauber MT C31.12.2015 & Alex Ettinger 90MT Award

  1. shankar ram says:

    Mr Tauber was interested in this kind of twinning.
    If I’m not mistaken, he was the judge of a similar theme tourney in Rex Multiplex in the 80s.. (Gave me a 2nd Prize.. ;-))

  2. shankar ram says:

    Also got a commend. Quoting it.

    • I remember this one from PAT A MAT where it was quoted in “selections” column by Peter Gvozdják, possibly it was the first issue of PAT A MAT I have ever seen.

      In these days I was very much amazed by the way how all solutions worked. Now I am more amazed by the ingenious and economical way of disabling all unwanted promotions.

  3. There are tons of thematical examples, especially those using various Circe modifications and counting upon captures resulting in rebirths on different squares. However the recent appearance on many new and fruitful fairy conditions might result in creation of original and valuable works, thus I like the idea of the tourney.

    Personally I have published a few such hybrid problems, mostly not very interesting. One of the better of them is #2 with leos dedicated to my wife participating in a tourney dedicated to Leo, with twin change Circe to Vertical Mirror Circe.

    By chance there is another twin using the same fairy conditions shown at CCM by Theodor Tauber himself: h#2 with grasshoppers. It could serve as textbook example.

    Finally, besides examples from older Rex Multiplex TT already introduced by NSR, I would like to point a very unusual way of showing complete Djurašević cycle by František Sabol. The mechanism of positions a) and b) [ortho-Circe] together is natural, but added c) with Mars Circe is something completely different. I think there was something similarly odd in Rex Multiplex TT, h# by Gerard Smits, but I do not have any reference right now (my WinChloe DB sits many kms away, hehe). Maybe someone can supplement the problem.

  4. Nicolas Dupontdupont says:

    Probably you mean this one:

    a) Orthodox
    b) Circe
    c) Madrasi
    d) Patrol

    a) 1.D×é4 Fç6 2.D×ç2 Ff3‡
    b) 1.C1é3 Fb5 2.C×ç2 Fé2‡
    c) 1.Fb1 Fé8 2.F×ç2 F×h5‡
    d) 1.C5é3 Fd7 2.C×ç2 Fg4‡

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