No.1242 (LK&LP)

Ľuboš Kekely & Ladislav Packa


Original Fairy problems
October’2017 – March’2018

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No.1242 Ľuboš Kekely &
Ladislav Packa


original – 17.10.2017

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white Ke8 Pg7 black Ke2 Pa2

h#2.5            2 solutions            (2+2)
Transmuted kings

20 Responses to No.1242 (LK&LP)

  1. Luce Sebastien says:

    It is necessary to precise that there are two sol. ONLY with Anticirce Calvet
    (captures on rebirth squares allowed)

  2. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    Julia asked: Why Anti-Circe is better than Circe here?.

    I think Anti-circe is used to justify the white king, which is anyway needed to stop cooks.

    • Jean-Marc Loustau says:

      As usually, this is a matter of tastes.
      Personally I prefer in Circe, because the mates are more sophisticated (with the rebirths of W units) and some other reasons…
      Notice that all the diagram could be shifted 1 square right, and it works fine also in both Circe and Anticirce Calvet; in Anticirce Calvet, I would prefer the diagram shifted, because the condition “Calvet” is used also in the solution 1… h8=B (and of course also in the solution 1… h8=R for the control of a1).

  3. peter harris says:

    I like problems such as this.

    It was observant of Julia to see that the problem works with Circe as well as with AntiCirce.

    With AntiCirce the first 4 half moves of each solution are full of interest. It is the last moves that are dull – with the bK simply being unable to capture because its rebirth square is occupied. The mates would occur even if the bPa2 was White.

    Circe would bring an extra. The bK could capture but cannot because of the Circe rebirths. This would make a nice finale.

    So there is a happy accident that the W checking pieces – the bishop in particular – are checking from squares in line of sight of their rebirth squares.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the authors did not realize this!

    [With the Circe I would remove the wK and have a Hole h1 That is to say the Conditions would be stated: TransmutedKings Circe Hole h1. This would leave the bK and the two pawns – which would look very nice!]

  4. Joost de HeerJoost says:

    W: Pe7
    B: Kg8 Pd2
    Mirrorcirce, Transmuting kings
    (a) h#3
    (b) ser-h#3

  5. Ganapathiganapathi says:

    I like Joost’s sample with economy – sans WK!

  6. peter harris says:


    I expected somebody would write along the lines you did.

    The wK intrudes and obtrudes. It is a distraction. It detracts from the purity of the author’s concept. It should be removed if possible.

    The Hole h1 makes the authors’ concept stand-out in stark relief.

    As a matter of fact the bPa2 could also be removed and replaced with a Hole – leaving only the bK and wP.

    Having an additional Condition is often worthwhile – however horrendous it may seem to you – and others.

    Regarding Seetharaman’s comments: why are say 4 conditions “ëxpensive” but not 6 different pieces? There are many who think this way – to the detriment of Fairy Chess.

  7. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    I generally like problems with as few fairy elements as possible. This is just a personal preference.

  8. Nikola Predrag says:

    How many games & problems were created in history at the expenses of comprehending the same “orthodox rules”?
    How many games & problems were created at the expenses of comprehending combination of certain 4 conditions+”orthodox rules”?

    Raising the expenses by 1% to produce at least 1% more games&problems might look reasonable.

  9. peter harris says:


    I have been trying today to rehabilitate your AntiCirce condition.

    And the following is the best I can do:

    beg pie
    whi pg7
    bla ke3
    stip h#2.5
    cond transmutedkings
    anticirce sentinelles

    (Using wP and bK) I think if sentinelles or sentinelles pionadvers are added something better than the above should be possible – even having Q and S promotions as well.

  10. Ľuboš Kekely says:

    Hello all.

    First we have send to Julia this quartet with condition CIRCE but still before its publishing it was changed into ANTICIRCE cause better sound for white king.
    Funny that it has the same solutions also with NOCAPTURE instead both (ANTI)CIRCE.
    I like also material balance on diagram position.
    To suggestion of duo by using sentinelles – not good analogies – must be mate by rook and bishop not by pawn and bishop.

  11. peter harris says:


    (1) I do not know whether you are saying that your problem with AntiCirce is better than with Circe. If you are you are certainly wrong – as I explained in my first post.

    (2) Remember that your idea is a TWO PIECE idea. All other pieces are surplus baggage. This is the plain fact of the matter.

    (3) I suggest you and Ladislav compose a problem using only a wP and a bK using either Sentinelles or Sentinelles Pionadvers and either Circe or AntiCirce – but then neither of you may be interested in doing this.

    (4) The necessity or desirability of ANALOGY is a concept with which I disagree. Analogy means sameness and a lack of variety or surprise. There is the misapprehension that beauty requires analogy or symmetry. It has almost become a mad fetish in the problem world.

    (5) And so Lubos in the example I gave I PREFER one mate by B and one mate by P.
    The main thing is that the wPs created by Sentinelles are fully used. It is great to have a P mate as a contrast. The mate by the R move by the P it leaves behind is very nice -and better than any mate by the R itself.

  12. Ľuboš Kekely says:

    But in sentinelles there are not ideal mates.

  13. peter harris says:

    Dear Lubos,

    I love the idea in your problem.

    But it should be presented using 2 pieces as follows:

    beg pie
    whi pg7
    bla ke2
    stip h#2.5
    cond transmutedkings circe hole a2h1

    This – you may be pleased to read – is the last comment I will be making on your problem.


    • Georgy EvseevGeorgy Evseev says:

      Using holes is like setting weightlifting record with several big helium balloons tied to the weight.

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