No.1265 (BM)

Bosko Miloseski

Original Fairy problems
October’2017 – March’2018

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No.1254 Bosko Miloseski

original – 31.12.2017
Happy new year 2018!

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white Kh1 Rg8 Sg7 Pe4f4g2g5h6 black Kf2 Qh8 Bg1 Pb7c7d7e7f7h5

s#3                                              (8+9)

5 Responses to No.1265 (BM)

  1. Ganapathiganapathi says:

    Sheer magic!

  2. Luce Sebastien says:

    Very nice indeed !

    One info :
    All the problems of JF from july to dec 2017
    are registered for Winchloe !

    Happy New Year ! 🙂

  3. Kjell Widlert says:

    The funny idea is not new, it even has a name: Raindrops Theme. You can see the (black) raindrops falling from the 7th rank!

    One example with 7 raindrop variations is this (WinChloe #28793):
    Wilhelm Massmann, Pr. Die Schwalbe TT 1953-55
    Kh1 Qh2 Ra4 d8 Bb1 Pc2 c4 d3 e3 f4 h6
    Kf2 Qh8 Ra2 g2 Pa7 b7 c7 d7 e7 f7 g7 h5
    s#3 Max C+
    1. – a5 2.Rxa5 Rxa5 3.Qxh5 Rxh5#
    1. – b5 2.Ra8 Qxa8 3.Qxg2+ Qxg2#
    1. – c5 2.Rb8 Qxb8 3.f5 Qxh2#
    1. – d5 2.Rc8 Qxc8 3.Qh3 Qxh3#
    1. – e5 2.Rd8 Qxd8 3.Qh4+ Qxh4#
    1. – f5 2.Re8 Qxe8 3.Qxh5 Qxh5#
    1. – g5 2.Ba2 Qa1 3.Qg1+ Qxg1#
    1. – Qxh6 2.Qxh5 Qa6 3.Qh6 Qxh6#
    1. – Rxa4 2.c5 Rxf4 3.Qh4+ Rxh4#
    1. – Rxc2 2.c5 Rxc5 3.Qxh5 Rxh5#

    There are also others with 5 or 6 raindrop variations and better economy than Massmann.

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