No.1267 (JR)

Jacques Rotenberg


Original Fairy problems
October’2017 – March’2018

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No.1267 Jacques Rotenberg

original – 14.01.2018
Dedicated to Peter Harris

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white Ka6 black Kf7 Pg2

h#3                                              (1+2)
b) Ka6→b7 ; c) Kf7→h7 ; d) Kf7→a1
Sentinelles PionAdvers
Transmuted Kings

5 Responses to No.1267 (JR)

  1. Kjell Widlert says:

    Great to have so much varied play (with an AUW) from this slender material!

    The solution (and also the accompanying dynamic diagram) seems incorrect in a few places:
    a) 1.g1=Q [g1=w] Qg7 [g7=b]
    b) 1.g1=R [g1=w] Rg7 [g7=b]
    c) 1.g1=S [g1=w] Sh3 [h3=b) … 3. – Bxd3(+Sg8)#
    d) 1.g1=B [g1=w] Be3 [e3=b]

  2. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    Amazing variety of solutions with just three men !!

  3. peter harris says:

    Dear Jacques, thank you for dedicating your problem to me. (I would have written this sooner but I am not so well).

    Your problem is full of life with wonderful moves and mates.

    You may like to compose something with the combination AntiCirce and Isardam such as the following I composed last year. The two conditions go well together.

    (Popeye input)

    beg pie
    whi kb1 qg8 ra8 be6 pg7h7
    bla kh8 qg1 ra1 be3 se2 pa2b2c2
    stip h=2.5
    cond isardam anticirce
    sentinelles pionadv
    twi rem b2 add whi pb2


  4. Jacques Rotenberg says:

    Thank you Peter!

    you are right Isardam+anticirce may give very strange things!
    I tested a) with winchloe and could not find the solution.

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