No.1268 (HG)

Hubert Gockel


Original Fairy problems
October’2017 – March’2018

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No.1268 Hubert Gockel

original – 20.01.2018

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white LOa1h6 FAc7h5 Kc8 Pc6 Sd1d3 SEe1 SAg7 black FAb1 Pb6b7d2d7e7g4d5 Kd6 Bc2h2 Sh3 SAh4

#2                                           (10+13)
Senora e1
Faro c7, h5, b1
Loco a1, h6
Saltador g7, h4

One Response to No.1268 (HG)

  1. Nice development of basic scheme LOa1, SEe1, Sd1 with defences Be5 and Sf4 line closing. It was crucial to find various ways of exploting different placement of white knight. Z-26-6(10) is rather difficult theme, and the construction seems very good.

    Well done!

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