No.1270 (-)

«Naturalia non sunt turpia»

Original Fairy problems
October’2017 – March’2018

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«Naturalia non sunt turpia»

original – 04.02.2018

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White Kg4 Rc3 Bd3 Sc4e4 Pa3b3f4 Black Kd4 Qg6 Ra5c1 Bb1 Sa8 Pd2e2e3f7g5

h#2              3 solutions         (8+11)

One Response to No.1270 (-)

  1. Vlaicu Crisan says:

    Very elegant cyclic Zilahi from WCCT-10 (G071): in each phase, two of the three thematic pieces (Rc3, Bd3 and Se4) are captured in turn, while the remaining white piece gives mate. Congratulations to the Russian author(s)!

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