No.1276 (LK)

Ľuboš Kekely 

Original Fairy problems
October’2017 – March’2018

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No.1276 Ľuboš Kekely

original – 19.02.2018

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white Kf7 Qh3 black Ke5 Qe2 Pa4h4

h#2             b) Ke5→e4             (2+4)
Transmuted King
No capture

2 Responses to No.1276 (LK)

  1. oliversickoliversick says:

    Hi Ľuboš,

    what do you think about this version?

    Stipulation h#2
    Condition NoCapture TransmutedKings
    white Qh3 Kf7
    black Ph4 Bd2 Rd8 Ke5
    Twin Move e5 e4
    Twin Move d8 a4
    Twin Move e5 c6

    1.Bd2-h6 Qh3-g3 + 2.Ke5-h8 Qg3-g7 #

    b) bKe5–>e4

    1.Bd2-e1 Qh3-g4 + 2.Ke4-h1 Qg4-g2 #

    c) bRd8–>a4

    1.Bd2-c1 Qh3-h2 + 2.Ke5-a1 Qh2-b2 #

    d) bKe5–>c6

    1.Bd2-a5 Qh3-d7 + 2.Kc6-a8 Qd7-b7 #

    C++ (Popeye v4.78 )

    It’s a four corner version, the mating positions are not exactly like yours but on the other hand I like the four bishop moves of the black….


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