Original Problems (55)

Original Problems (page 55)

Original fairy problems published during 2012 will participate in the informal tourney JF-2012

The site is mostly about fairies, but h# and s# are also welcomed for publication! Please send your problems to my e-mail: julia@juliasfairies.com

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It’s so nice to be contacted by the neighbors! Welcome to Lithuania and to the well-known Lithuanian composer Mečislovas Rimkus

No.110 – ser-h#9  –  Creation of specific white batteries K/DG in echo form, aristocrat. (JV)

No.110.1 – ser-h#10  –  A joint problem by Mečislovas Rimkus & János Mikitovics which is an improvement of No.110. It’s a pleasure to see the joint work which gives a nice results!! (JV)


Double Grasshopper(DG): Makes a Grasshopper move without capturing, then a 2nd Grasshopper move.

Grasshopper(G): Moves along Q-lines over another unit of either color to the square immediately beyond that unit. A capture may be made on arrival, but the hurdle is not affected.

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No.110 Mečislovas Rimkus
original – 21.08.2012
ser-h#9         2 solutions            (2+4)
Double Grasshoppers d5,g8,h4,h8
Solutions: (click to show/hide)

No.110.1 Mečislovas Rimkus & János Mikitovics
Lithuania / Hungary
original – 24.08.2012
ser-h#10                                     (2+4)
b) DGh3→e6; c) Kc7→c2; d) Kc7→g7
Double Grasshoppers h3,h4,d5,f7
Solutions: (click to show/hide)

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2 Responses to Original Problems (55)

  1. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    Wow ! What an improvement! Two more solutions nicely completing the four mates in the four corners. Great !

    How does one compose such a problem? Start with mating positions and work backwards?

    • Janos MikitovicsJános Mikitovics says:

      Dear Seetharaman,

      We thank you very much for your kind words!
      Our first idea was the black king’s incarceration in two different coloured corners because of a chameleon echo.

      Then when you get to know the special play of the double grasshopper better, you cry out than Archimedes in the bathtub: “Eureka!” the incarceration is possible in the other two corners too. The secret of success as we know: a little chess composer vein, lot of work and good luck!

      With best wishes,
      Mečislovas & János

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