No.294,295 (NP)

No.294, 295
Nikola Predrag (Croatia)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (I): January – April

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DSCN3274-cropThese two problems by Nikola Predrag were firstly presented in the comments to No.289 and now I’m happy to show them here and thankful for the dedication to the 1st birthday of Julia’s Fairies:

No.294 – This problem same as the next one shows author’s thoughts about Popeye’s interpretation of Isardam condition;

No.295 – Author has written about it: “My dedication for the anniversary is pointed to the theoretical discussions on Julia’s site. It is an example with a question: “Is the Popeye’s treatment of Isardam authentic?” ” or “is Popeye’s Isardam a standard interpretation of this condition (concerning the netral pieces) or it could be accepted as a new variant of Isardam?



Isardam: The moves causing a Madrasi-like paralysis are illegal. This holds right up to the capture of the mated King. This is standard form of Isardam.

Nightrider(N): A Rider along a straight line on squares lying a Knight`s move away from each other.

Grasshopper(G): Moves along Q-lines over another unit of either color to the square immediately beyond that unit. A capture may be made on arrival, but the hurdle is not affected.

No.294 Nikola Predrag
Dedicated to the 1st Birthday of Julia’s Fairies
h#2                 Isardam          (2+2+1)
b) -bNd6
c) bKb5->e4 (2 solutions)
Nightrider d6
(Popeye C+)
Solutions: (click to show/hide)
No.295 Nikola Predrag
original example-10.04.2013
Dedicated to the 1st Birthday of Julia’s Fairies
h#2                 Isardam          (3+3+1)
b) nPh7->a2
Nightrider a4
Grasshopper f5
(Popeye C+)
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4 Responses to No.294,295 (NP)

  1. Janos MikitovicsJanos Mikitovics says:

    Here is a funny combination:

    White Pd7 Kf6
    Black Ka7 Nd6
    Neutral Pf7
    h#2 Py/C+
    a) Isardam / 4 solutions
    b) Isardam + PWC + Take & Make

    a1) 1.Nd6-e8 + nPf7*e8=nQ 2.Ka7-b6 d7-d8=Q #
    a2) 1.Nd6-c8 nPf7-f8=nN 2.nNf8-g6 d7*c8=N #
    a3) 1.Ka7-b7 nPf7-f8=nS 2.nSf8-e6 d7-d8=S #
    a4) 1.Ka7-b6 nPf7-f8=nB 2.nBf8-e7 + d7-d8=B #

    b) 1.Nd6-e8 + Kf6*f7-f5 [+nPf6] 2.Ne8*f6-f7 [+nPe8=nR] d7*e8-d8=R [+nRd7] #

    • Nikola Predrag says:

      These 4 solutions are pretty well. It is funny that the added conditions in b) give only one solution.
      As soon as I went in bed last night, I “saw” how to avoid 0-position for orthodox promotions. I could not see it looking at the chessboard:
      W: Ka8,Pe7;B: Kc8;nPg7;b)Kc8->f7;c)Ka8->h7

      • Janos MikitovicsJanos Mikitovics says:

        Congratulations, Nikola!

        • Nikola Predrag says:

          Oh, thanx Janos. I didn’t read your words, I thought it was an older post.
          The last position is perhaps interesting because all white moves are the promotions – double AUW by White in matching pairs.

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