No.296 (SK)

Seetharaman Kalyan (India)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (I): January – April

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No.296 – Seetharaman Kalyan – Surprising underpromotions, difficult solution! (JV)

No.296 Seetharaman Kalyan
r#5                                              (14+8)
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7 Responses to No.296 (SK)

  1. SeetharamanSeetharaman says:

    Difficult? I think it is easy to easy that the black rook has to hide and only the place to hide is moving left.

  2. SeetharamanSeetharaman says:

    There is a fifth underpromotion in the short setplay. 1…Rf8? 2. e8B ! (2.e8S?)

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