No.381 (KM)

Karol Mlynka (Slovakia)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (III): September- December

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No.381 by Karol Mlynka – А four-men with surprising stalemates! (JV)


Chameleon Chess: All pieces on the board which are displayed as orthodox  Q, R, B, S,  are Chameleons. A Pawn can promote only in Chameleon-pieces.

Chameleon: On completing a move, a Chameleon (from classical standard type) changes into another piece, in the sequence Q-S-B-R-Q…  Promotion may be to a chameleon at any stage in the cycle.

Pressburger King (SuperTransmutingKing): King which definitively takes up the nature of the checking piece (and thus loses his royal status).

No.381 Karol Mlynka
hs=3,5         b) Pd6→e5              (1+3)
Chameleon Chess
Pressburger King
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