No.393,393.1 (GG&SK)

Gani Ganapathi (India)
Gani Ganapathi & Seetharaman K.


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (III): September- December

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No.393 by Gani Ganapathi – Model mates, miniature, Lion as blocking piece! (JV)

No.393.1 by Gani Ganapathi & Seetharaman K. – A joint problem, version to No.393. (JV)


Lion(Li): Moves along Q-lines over another unit of either color to any square beyond that unit. A capture may be made on arrival, but the hurdle is not affected.

No.393 Gani Ganapathi
h#3               2 solutions             (2+5)
Lion h6
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No.393.1 Gani Ganapathi & Seetharaman K.
Version to No.393, 22.10.2013
h#3               2 solutions             (1+3)
Lion h6
(No white King)
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6 Responses to No.393,393.1 (GG&SK)

  1. seetharaman says:

    Very neat miniature. A study in geometry ! It seems that the two pawns can be removed in this setting:

    WKd1, WQc1 BKd8, BRc2 BLI a5 H#3 2 Solns.
    1.Rc8 Qc3 2.LIe1 Qe5 3.LIe8 Qd6#
    1.Rc7 Qc5 2.LId5 Qd6+ 3.LId7+ Qf8#

    Mixed color bristol is a bonus, but the solns. are slightly uneven with cross check in only one of the solns.

  2. Ganapathiganapathi says:

    Julia ,Seetha,
    Thank you for the mixed Bristol. The cross-check can be eliminated shifting WK say to h1.
    The prob. is ok even with NOWK

    • seetharaman says:

      You are right Ganapathy. I saw that the WK is not needed. I liked the cross check effect, that is why had WKd1!

    • seetharaman says:

      Ganapathy, in your original version, the white queen was free with lot of choices. But reducing two units is a worthwhile price, I believe. Thanks for publishing it jointly.

  3. Geoff Foster says:

    Here is an example using set play.

    white Qg3
    black Kd8 Rc8 LIf6

    1…Qg3-g7 2.LIf6-h8 Qg7-f8+ 3.LIh8-e8 Qf8-d6#
    1.Rc8-c7 Qg3-e5 2.LIf6-d4 Qe5-d6+ 3.LId4-d7 Qd6-f8#

    Matching checks, with mate by Qf8-d6 in set play and Qd6-f8 in real play! The white queen could start on g5.

  4. seetharaman says:

    Thanks Geoff. The set play idea is very neat and the interchange of W-moves is probably valuable. But the play has become more symmetric.

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