No.435 (JM)

János Mikitovics (Hungary)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (III): September- December

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No.435 by János Mikitovics – A surprising final in Ultraschachzwang problem! (JV) 


White Ultraschachzwang: White may move only to check. If it doesn’t have checking moves it is stale-mated (Analogical definition for Black Ultraschachzwang).

No.435 János Mikitovics
original – 26.11.2013
h#8,5*                                        (4+4 )
White Ultraschachzwang
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One Response to No.435 (JM)

  1. Janos MikitovicsJanos Mikitovics says:

    Here is a schema which waiting for an improvement because of the 0-position and the different stipulations (pieces!?).
    Please help me as a joint composer, if you like the idea!
    White Ba8 Locust-h8 Kc6 (3)
    Black Qe3 Kh1 (2)
    a) + bP to h2 and h#7 (3+3)
    b) h8=wB and h#6,5 (3+2)
    White UltraSchachZwang
    (C+ by Popeye v4.63)
    a) 1.Kh1-g2 Kc6-b5 + 2.Qe3-f3 Ba8*f3[+bQd8] + 3.Kg2*f3[+wBf1] Bf1-e2 + 4.Kf3-e4 Be2-d3 + 5.Ke4-d5 Lh8*h2-h1[+bPh7] + 6.Kd5-d4 Lh1*h7-h8[+bPh7] + 7.Qd8-f6 Lh8*f6-e5[+bQd8] #
    b) 1…Kc6-b5 + 2.Qe3-f3 Ba8*f3[+bQd8] + 3.Kh1-g1 Bh8-d4 + 4.Qd8*d4[+wBc1] Bc1-e3 + 5.Kg1-f1 Bf3-e2 + 6.Kf1-e1 Be3-f2 + 7.Qd4*f2[+wBc1] Bc1-d2 #

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