No.441 (SK)

Seetharaman K. (India)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (III): September- December

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No.441 by Seetharaman K. – Interesting manoeuvres between the white Rook and promoted white piece! (JV)

No.441 Seetharaman K.
Ser r=7                                         (9+4)
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10 Responses to No.441 (SK)

  1. Janos MikitovicsJanos Mikitovics says:

    Nice presentation of a classic theme!
    Please, look at also the next settings:
    Version 1
    White Ra8 Kh8 Pa7 Pb7 Pf7 Pe6 Ph5 Pg4 Pg3 (9)
    Black Bf8 Pe7 Ph6 Kg5 Qf4 (5)
    ser-r=9 (C+ by Popeye v4.63)
    1.Kh8-g8 2.Kg8*f8 3.Kf8-e8 4.Ke8-d7 5.Ra8-h8 6.f7-f8=Q 7.Qf8-a8 8.Rh8-b8 9.Kd7-c8 Qf4-d6 =
    Version 2
    White Ra8 Kh8 Pa7 Pb7 Pf7 Pe6 Ph5 Pg4 Pg3 (9)
    Black Rg8 Pe7 Ph6 Kg5 Qf4 (5)
    ser-r=9 (C+ by Popeye v4.63)
    1.Kh8*g8 2.Kg8-f8 3.Kf8-e8 4.Ke8-d7 5.Ra8-h8 6.f7-f8=Q 7.Qf8-a8! 8.Rh8-b8 9.Kd7-c8 Qf4-d6 =
    Version 3
    White Ra8 Kh8 Pa7 Pb7 Pf7 Pe6 Ph5 Pg4 Pg3 (9)
    Black Pe7 Ph6 Kg5 Qf4 (4)
    Neutral Bh7 (1)
    ser-r=10 (The checking is not yet complete by the Popeye v4.63, but the solution is correct from move 2.Kh8*g8)
    1.nBh7-g8 2.Kh8*g8 3.Kg8-Kf8 4.Kf8-Ke8 5.Ke8-d7 6.Ra8-h8 7.f7-f8=Q 8.Qf8-a8 9.Rh8-b8 10.Kd7-c8 Qf4-d6 =
    The solution is more nice without the blockade of wPf7.
    The wKing’s wandering suits to the theme.

  2. seetharaman says:

    Thanks Janos for the nteresting ideas. I did try to start the white king at h8 which will make the solution more interesting, but there were cooks. Your idea to capture a black piece did not occur to me, but I would prefer the eighth rank to free. Version 1 would be best improvement if it did not involve a capture. Other versions I wont even think about as Ver.2 has WK in check, Ver.3 uses a technical neutral bishop.

    The only other serious option I considered was to start the white rook at b8 so that it makes a switchback. But it needed addition of WPa6, and the present WR move from a8 appeared equally interesting.

    • Janos MikitovicsJanos Mikitovics says:

      Please, see also this version:
      White Ra8 Qb8 Sd8 Kh8 Pa7 Pb7 (6)
      Black Pc7 LEf7 Pg7 Bh7 Kf6 (5)
      1.Sc8-c6 2.Qb8-g8! (2. or 4. etc.Se7? … 8.Ke8-d7 is not posssible because of the battery-checks) 3.Qg8*h7 4.Kh8-g8 5.Kg8-f8 6.Kf8-e8 7.Ke8-d7 8.Ra8-h8! 9.Qh7-g8 10.Qg8-a8 11.Rh8-b8 12.Kd7-c8 and only now 13.Sc6-e7! Kf6*e7 =

      Bristol, platzwechsel, mutual opening and closing of the lines, switchback, self-blockades, (anti)batteries, delayed Umnov.

  3. Nikola Predrag says:

    Very nice and clear! That’s much to my taste, one smail detail (f8R? with mandatory Rxf4=) motivates the whole strategy.
    I’m sorry Janos, without some new and such nice thematic motivation, all possible extensions would only spoil the beauty.

    • Seetharamanseetharaman says:

      Thanks Nikola. for pinpointing the motivation for 3.Rh8!

    • Janos MikitovicsJanos Mikitovics says:

      Here are two settings with the thematic motivation plus a pin:
      Setting 1
      White Ra8 Kh8 Pa7 Pb7 Pg7 Pa6 Pd6 Pe6 Pf4 Ph2 (10)
      Black Pf5 PRg5 Ph5 Kh4 Ph3 (5)
      bPrincess g5
      1.Kg8! (1.Rg8?; 1.Pd7?) 2.Kf8 3.Ke8 (3.Rg8?, etc.) 4.Kxd7 5.Rh8 6.g8Q! (6.g8R? 7.Rxg5=) 7.Qa8 8.Rb8
      9.Kc8 10.Pd7 PRxe6 =
      Setting 2:
      White Ra8 PRg8 Kh8 Pa7 Pb7 Pg7 Pd6 (7)
      Black PRg5 Ph5 Kh4 (3)
      Princess bPRg5, wPRg8
      1.PRe6! (1.Pd7?) 2.Kg8! (2.g8R?) 3.Kf8 (3.g8R?, etc.) 4.Ke8 5.Kd7 6.Rh8! 7.g8Q! (7.g8R? 8.Rxg5 =) 8.Qa8
      9.Rb8 10.Kc8 11.Pd7 PRxe6 =

  4. Janos MikitovicsJanos Mikitovics says:

    OK, Nikola, but the solution is more nice, if the wK starts from g8:
    White Ra8 Kg8 Pa7 Pb7 Pf7 Pe6 Ph5 Pg4 Pg3 (9)
    Black Pe7 Ph6 Kg5 Qf4 (4)
    1.Kg8! 2.Kf8 3.Ke8 4.Rh8 (4.f8 R?) 5.f8=Q (5.f8 R? 5.Rxf4=!) 6.Qa8 7.Rb8 8.Kc8 Qd6 =

    • Seetharamanseetharaman says:

      You are right Janos. While the point of the problem is avoiding the underpromotion, starting the white king on g8 is indeed better as now white has the try 1. f8R ? . Popeye took so long to test the position with WK g8, I just thought why bother.

  5. S N Ravi Shankr says:

    Here is a setting, perhaps in Letz Form, which Seetharaman finds good.
    R3K3,PP4P1,8,7p,7k,6qp,7P,8 (6+4)
    Ser R=6
    1.Kd7 2. Rh8! 3. g8=Q! 4.Qa8 5.Rb8 6. Kc8 Qd6

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