No.482 (KG)

Krassimir Gandev


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (I): January – April

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No.482 by Krassimir Gandev – Interesting Marine problem shows sacrifices of Marine Princess, not programmed yet Marine piece.  (JV)


Marine Princess: Marine Knight(MS) +Nereid (ND) – not programmed yet. 

Marine Knight(MS): Moves as Knight provided destination is vacant, captures an enemy on (1,2) by a leap to (2,4) – which again must be vacant.

Nereid (ND): Marine piece operating along Bishop lines: without capture moves as Bishop, with capture – as Locust.

Triton(TR): Marine piece operating along Rook lines: without capture moves as Rook, with capture – as Locust.

Locust(L): Moves along Queen lines only by capturing an enemy unit, arriving on the square immediately beyond that unit, which must be vacant.

Poseidon(PO): The Marine King is named “Poseidon”. The Poseidon moves like a King when not capturing, and captures adjacent pieces like a Locust.

No.482 Krassimir Gandev
482-h#2-kgh#2              3 solutions      (4+2)   C-
Poseidons: f4, h8
Triton d2
Locusts: b7, g4
Marina Princess MPf6
Solutions: (click to show/hide)

4 Responses to No.482 (KG)

  1. GanapathiR. Ganapathi says:

    What a fine problem. The Marine Princess is indeed very versatile!

  2. Janos MikitovicsJanos Mikitovics says:

    If f6=DS (DiagonalSpiralspringer), the solutions are same with C+ by Popeye 4.63:
    1.TRd2-d7 DSf6-g8 2.POh8*g8-f8 Lg4*d7-c8 #
    1.TRd2-d4 DSf6-g7 2.POh8*g7-f6 POf4-e5 #
    1.TRd2-g2 DSf6-h7 2.POh8*h7-h6 Lb7*g2-h1 #

  3. Georgy EvseevGeorgy Evseev says:

    The function of MPRf6 is quite unfortunate: it should be able to reach squares g7, h7, g8 to be sacrificed there and at the same time it should be weak enough to avoid cooks.

    Both Marine Princess and DiagonalSpiralspringer do not look like a great choice. I have found one more possibility which is also not quite adequate.

    Maybe, this problem will look better with twins?

  4. Stephen Emmerson says:

    White Nereid e5 b) e6 c) f6 works.

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