No.483,484 (TP)

No.483, 484 
Thomas Pantalacci (France)

Warm welcome to Thomas at Original Problems section of Julia’s Fairies!


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (I): January – April

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Welcome to Thomas Pantalacci with two fairy problems:

No.483 – Light demonstration of Patrol fairy condition;

No.484 – Surprising stalemate-finals with Provocation fairy condition.  (JV)


Patrol Chess (Patrouille): A piece can capture or give check only if it is observed by a piece of its own side.

Provocation Chess (Provocateurs): A piece can capture only if it is threatened.

No.483 Thomas Pantalacci
483-h#2-tph#2                2 solutions             (5+3)
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No.484 Thomas Pantalacci
484-h=3-tph=3               b) Sf4→e5             (4+3)
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9 Responses to No.483,484 (TP)

  1. Kjell Widlert says:

    A new name to me, and already two quite good problems!

    (483) An economical realization of a very Patrol-specific idea: Black gives his K access to a square by capturing the observer of a white guarding piece; White mates by re-observing that piece.
    I suppose you must call both mates models (wSe4 does not guard d2/f2) even though two pieces are observing Rd2 after 3.Kd3? etc. The concept of model mate is not clearly defined in all fairy forms.

    (484) I like it that both white pieces restricting the mobility of Black’s piece are also used to guard flights thanks to the attacks from that black piece; a very harmonious concept.

  2. shankar ram says:

    Yes.. two clear cut ideas realized with harmony and a light touch..
    The idea of 483 – the WS and WB mutually activating each other has possibilities for extending into a cycle..
    btw.. Bxc2 and Bxf5.. not Bc2 and Bf5..

  3. Nicolas Dupontdupont says:

    As far as the white King plays no role (in both problems), I wonder if it would not be simpler to delete it (and of course to add “No white King” in the stipulation). Saying otherwise, is economy a stronger requirement than the traditional attendance of both Kings?

    • shankar ram says:

      Hmm… an old question..
      We just keep the WK in any odd corner.. so that it’s out of the way and doesn’t make a nuisance of itself..
      Sometimes, we need to surround it with pawns and such..
      Something like the vermiform appendix, i suppose.. more trouble trying to get rid of it..
      Of course, the obvious solution is to find a use for it.. so that it earns it’s keep.. 😀

      • seetharaman says:

        I remember our Parthasarathy ‘s a two part article (in our good old magazine “Crosscheck”) on the non-thematic uses of the White King ! (

  4. Bernd G. says:

    Just a short note (because I am very busy right now):
    I have discussed Nicolas’s question about superfluous kings in my paper
    “Wozu eine Doppelmonarchie?”, feenschach: Zeitschrift für Märchenschach, Heft 151, Band XXVIII (April-Juni 2003), S. 74.

  5. seetharaman says:

    Two nice problems. Provacation is an interesting condition. Hope it might be implemented in Popeye in future.

    • JuliaJulia says:

      It is implemented! But as many others is not included in the manual. I know it from Thomas – you can use “Provoc” for Provocation. I’ve tried, it works, and Popeye writes ProvocationChess under diagram.

      • seetharaman says:

        Yes, you are right. I was APWin. It was not listed in it. But there is option to write the unlisted conditions also. Thanks.

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