No.505 (JS)

Janne Syväniemi (Finland)

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Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (I): January – April

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No.505 by Janne Syväniemi – A nice co-play between the black King and Grasshoppers! (JV)


Grasshopper(G): Moves along Q-lines over another unit of either color to the square immediately beyond that unit. A capture may be made on arrival, but the hurdle is not affected.

No.505 Janne Syväniemi
505-h#3-jsh#3               2 solutions             (6+7)
Grasshoppers: a4, a6, e4, f1
Solutions: (click to show/hide)

3 Responses to No.505 (JS)

  1. Kjell Widlert says:

    Fine motivations for the stops at d3/d4, making the interchanges of K and G possible.
    (A pity Pa5 was necessary, ruining the model mates.)

    • Janne Syväniemi says:

      I have tried to get model mates by moving the c5 pawn to a5, but can’t get rid of the extra solutions.

      • Janne Syväniemi says:

        I managed to make a model mate version with the same number of pieces:

        White Kh6 Pa5 Ge4 Pc2 Rd2 Gf1
        Black Ga6 Pc6 Bg6 Sh5 Ga4 Kc4 Qg2

        Black Q, B and S needed to prevent cooks. I still prefer the original version.

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