No.674 (KP)

Kostas Prentos


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (III): September – December

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No.674 by Kostas Prentos – Excelsior + Valladao!  (JV)


Imitator(I): Every time a piece moves an Imitator (or a set of Imitators) moves simultaneously in an identical manner. An Imitator cannot move of itself. If an Imitator cannot imitate the move of a piece, the move is illegal. An Imitator may only pass through or enter an unoccupied square and cannot move off the board. Castling is imitated by decomposing into a King move followed by a Rook move. 

No.674 Kostas Prentos

original – 26.12.2014

Solution: (click to show/hide)

White Kb6 Pb5 Pf2 Black Ke8 Ra8 Sd8 Pb7 Pe7 Pf6 Neutral If3

hs#5                                  (3+6+1i)
Imitator f3

2 Responses to No.674 (KP)

  1. luce says:

    Pretty problem, C+ also Winchloe

  2. Paul Rãican says:

    It’s nice to see why 5.exf8=Q(Ih5)+ doesn’t work. Well done, Kostas!

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