No.764 (VN)

Vladislav Nefyodov


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (I): January – June

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No.764 by Vladislav Nefyodov – Cycle of white and black moves with a rich additional strategy! (JV)


NAO (NA): (1,2) Chinese. Chinese piece operating along the lines of Nightrider: moves as Nnightrider, but captures only by hopping over a hurdle to any square beyond.

Nightrider(N): (1,2) Rider. Operates along straight lines with squares lying a Knight’s move away from each other.

No.764 Vladislav Nefyodov

original – 02.04.2015

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White Kb4 Rh3 Rf1 Bh5 Sf3 Black NAd1 Ke4 Rf8 Bh6 Bd5 Sa4 Sb2 Pc3 Pd3 Pg2

h#2              3 solutions          (5+10)
NAO d1

6 Responses to No.764 (VN)

  1. Luce Sebastien says:

    It is C+ Winchloe too !

  2. seetharaman says:

    Very nice! There is also the cycle of black interferences and cycle of change of roles of the thematic black pieces!

    • Nikola Predrag says:

      -“There is also the cycle of black interferences and cycle of change of roles of the thematic black pieces!”-
      There is one cycle of 3 black pieces+2 black functions (selfblock “s” and interference “i”).
      The CHAIN of phases I-II-III automatically includes the s-CHAIN of selfblocks and the i-CHAIN of interferences.

      It is the combined chain, made of s-chain and i-chain, which is closed into the presented CYCLE.

      Each phase connects one “piece+function” with the other “piece+function”.
      I=(B+s)-(R+i) or Bs-iR
      II=(R+s)-(N+i) or Rs-iN
      III=(N+s)-(B+i) or Ns-iB

      The combined chain is connected through a certain piece which has “i” function in one phase and “s” function in the next phase making a 3×2 cycle:
      Bs-iRs-iNs-iBs-iRs-iNs-…etc., (in a circle)

      White pieces present a complete 3×3 cycle of pieces+functions:
      Rf1,Rh3,Bh5 +
      guard (f3), pin, mate

  3. The following version saves a few pieces:

    White Bb6 Rd6 Kf6 Sd4 Rh4
    Black Ba6 Ra4 Kc3 Bb2 Pd2 NAh1

    Curiously, two selfpinning black 2nd moves remove second guard from mating lines (Ra4-a5, NAh1-g3), while bishop does not. To rectify this slight defect, one more piece might be necessary, in the version (with additional unguard Bb5-c6, having full analogy again):

    White Bb6 Rd6 Kf6 Sd4 Rh4
    Black Rd8 Bb5 Ra4 Kc3 Bb2 Pd2 NAh1

  4. seetharaman says:

    Bravo Juraj! Nao instead of nightrider seems to make a world of difference!

  5. Bad news this time. Is the following too much of anticipation?

    Gerard Smits
    3rd Prize Themes-64 1984-1985
    White : Kg2 Re3b2 Be8
    Black : Kc4 Rd6 Bh8b5 Sa7 Pa6c5d3d2 Na5b1c1
    3+0 nightrider
    b) d3->b4
    c) b5->b3

    I see the only important difference in the form (3 solutions better than twinning), but the basic scheme is obviously the same.

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