No.823 (JH)

Joost de Heer (Holland)

Warm welcome to Joost in Original problems section of JF!


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (I): January – June

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No.823 by Joost de Heer – Promotion in every move! (JV)


Boyscout (BT): (1,1 ; 1,-1) Double Rider.

No.823 Joost de Heer

original – 08.06.2015

Solution: (click to show/hide)

white Kg7 Pa7 Pb7 Pc7 black Kb3 Ra1 Bf4 Bf5 Sa8 BTb8

ser-#3                                    (4+6)
Boyscout b8

6 Responses to No.823 (JH)

  1. Luce Sebastien says:

    C+ also Winchloe !
    Good boy Joost !

  2. adrian storisteanu says:

    A slightly lighter (is it?) position seems to work too:
    Kg7, pp. a7, b7 , c7 / Kb3, Qd6, Sa8, BTb8 (4+4)
    Same solution (of course).

    • Joost de Heer says:

      Qd6 can be a rook too. I thought I had tried something like that, but apparently not. Thanks for the major improvement!

      • adrian storisteanu says:

        Sure, it’s always fun toying with a position like this… (Ha ha, I also just noticed that a bRd6 works just as well.)

  3. adrian storisteanu says:

    (…or similarly e.g., Ke7, pp. a7, b7 , c7 / Kb3, Qg6, Sa8, BTb8)

  4. Bartel Erich says:

    threetime consecutive promotions to fairies.
    The same theme by the same author but with
    GIRL-scoutes –> PDB P1283700

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