No.889 (HG)

Hubert Gockel (Germany)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2015 (II): July – December

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No.889 by Hubert Gockel – Interesting tries in Functionary Chess. (JV)


Fuctionary Chess: A piece can move only if it is threatened.

No.889 Hubert Gockel

original – 07.09.2015

Solutions: (click to show/hide)

white kc6 qe7 rd1 bf1 pg5 black kh1 qh5 ba4h8 sc8h2 pb3c3b4b5e3e4f3g6

#2                                          (5+14)
Functionary Chess

5 Responses to No.889 (HG)

  1. shankar ram says:

    Nice Cycle! Good W piece economy. Unified strategy. All tries and key by WQ. One of the thematic B moves is repeated post key…. But seems difficult to avoid. Anyway, the main interest lies in the try play.

  2. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    In the final mate position, the white rook is apparently threatened by the black pawn e2. Can a pawn which cannot move threaten the rook? 🙂

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