No.1000 (VC)

Vlaicu Cri?an 


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (I): January – June

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No.1000 Vlaicu Cri?an

original – 02.02.2016

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White Kc8 CGf1 Black Ke3 Neutral LSe2f2

h#4.5         2 solutions       (2+1+2)
Contra Grashopper f1
Rose-Locust e2, f2

5 Responses to No.1000 (VC)

  1. Kjell Widlert says:

    Not only the beautiful mates, but the whole play – including the two wK moves in each solution – is in diagonal-ortogonal correspondence! Yet we don’t get the impression of seeing the same solution twice.

  2. shankar ram says:

    Every move echoed in ODT fashion.
    And with only 5 pieces, obviously every piece is involved.
    Must have been composed in ortho-diagonal heaven!

  3. shankar ram says:

    A fitting marker for No.1000…
    Though I would’ve expected a HS# 😉

  4. I am no case suggesting that the following problem is predecessor, just No 1000 has instantly reminded me of it:
    Quite fittingly if has won fairy section of TT dedicated to D-O transformation.

  5. Vlaicu Crisan says:

    Juraj, you are absolutely right: the final positions from Didier’s problem actually inspired me to compose this problem. I wanted to bring also the wK into play and exploit more the specificity of the fairy pieces. The ContraGrasshopper was as a lucky inspiration, as the problem would be cooked with a Lion.

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