No.1022 (VT)

Vincenzo Tinebra 


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (I): January – June

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No.1022 Vincenzo Tinebra

original – 10.03.2016

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white Ka2 Sa6 GIa8 Gb7 LIf1 ANf2h7 Ng2 Pb5d5e6 black Ka4 Bb8 Bc8 Rd8 Se8 Pa7d6 Lc2c3

#2                                               (11+9)
Antelope f2, g7
Giraffe a8
Grasshopper b7
Lion f1
Locust c2, c3
Nightrider g2

No.1022.1 Vincenzo Tinebra

version of No.1022 – 18.09.2016
Dedicated to Stephen Emmerson

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white Ka2 Ba6 GIa8 Pb5 Gb7 LIc7 Pd5 Pe6 Ng2 ANh1 black Ka4 Pa7 Bb8c8 Lc3 Pd6 Rd8 Se8 Lh7

#2                                               (10+9)
Antelope h1
Giraffe a8
Grasshopper b7
Lion c7
Locust c3, h7
Nightrider g2

2 Responses to No.1022 (VT)

  1. Stephen Emmerson says:

    Nice theme, quite easy to solve as it’s necessary to try and find a function for, e.g. ANh7.
    (Note: I would prefer the solution to be written 1…S~ 2.Ge4; 1…Bc~ 2.Nc4, as there are really only 4 variations, not 8).
    A fairy piece can be saved by using a wBa6, not a wS; as b4 is already double-guarded without the wS and then the GI and the G work harder. Then of course the wAN f2 can be replaced by a wP. This wP could be saved altogether if a key such as LIc7-f4 is acceptable; by moving the bLc2 to h7 and the wANh7 to h1.

  2. Vincenzo Tinebra says:

    dear Emmerson,
    excuse the delay but only now I noticed the comment.
    The observations are right and I’ll try to do to have a corrected version to the judge.
    It is difficult to understand the presence of the Sa6, remain blindness and haste in sending for publication …

    thanks and best regards

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