No.1068,1069 (LP)

Ladislav Packa


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (I): January – June

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No.1068 Ladislav Packa

original – 14.05.2016

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white Gg1 LIg6 Kc1 black Kc7 Sb5

h#2                                             (3+2)
a) vertical cylinder
b) horizontal cylinder
Grasshopper g1
Lion g6

No.1069 Ladislav Packa

original – 14.05.2016

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white Bd1d6 Kf7 Sc6d7 Pd2c3c4f3 black Kd3 Sa4 Bg7

#2                                               (9+3)

4 Responses to No.1068,1069 (LP)

  1. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    Funny… the Lion attacks the King using the King itself as hurdle! Of course this is a speciality of cylinder boards I think.

  2. Nikola Predrag says:

    What about a Rose-Lion on a normal board?
    The principle in question is not about the board but about a “null-move”.
    Can a Rose arrive to the square it occupies already or can a Rose-Lion serve as a hurdle to itself?

    • Laco Packa says:

      I think the null-move is in such positions unacceptable. Hurdle should be the thing that “stands firmly on the ground”, but rose-lion is during the move “flying in the air”. Another question is whether the king stands in the position bKc3 – wRNe8 (RN e8) in check. I think so, that it is using the same principles as in the published problem.
      But Popeye does not know it …

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