No.1084 (GE&VM)

Georgy Evseev &
Vitaly Medintsev



Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (I): January – June

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No.1084 Georgy Evseev &
Vitaly Medintsev


original – 16.06.2016

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White Ke4 Qf3 Rc2b4 Bg6f8 Pb3c3c6f4h5f7e2a2 Black Ka3 Bg8h8 Ph7h6c7

hs#4.5         b) Pf7→g7         (14+6)

2 Responses to No.1084 (GE&VM)

  1. shankar ram says:

    Beautiful, matched sequence of 9 moves, 7 of them by Bishops. Showing annihilation clearances and self pins on line a3-f3, B/W Indians with switchbacks on lines b3-g8 and c3-h8, remote self blocks by the WBs, self blocks by different pieces on e4, exchanges of functions between the Bishops, move exchanges and ending with model mates.
    A real Bishops carnival. One for the HS# anthologies!
    HS#s where B is in zugzwang on the last move add an additional dimension: as well as the BK, any free B pieces have also to be immobilised.

  2. Seetharamanseetharaman says:


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