No.999 (SL)

Sébastien Luce 


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (I): January – June

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A gift for Julia and her wonderful website ! (Author) – Published with a gratitude. (JV)

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No.999 Sébastien Luce

original – 01.02.2016

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white Lg5 black Kb2 Gc3c4c5f2f3f4f5 Pg3

h=5            2 solutions           (1+9)
Grashoppers: c3,c4,c5,f2,f3,f4,f5
Locust g5

2 Responses to No.999 (SL)

  1. Nicolas Dupontdupont says:

    You mean your diagram position shows capital letters JV?!

  2. Nicolas Dupontdupont says:

    JF, sorry.

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