No.1113 (LP)

Ladislav Packa


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (II): July – December

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No.1113 Ladislav Packa

original – 16.08.2016

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white Kg1 Bc3 Pb3e2 black Kf4 Qd3 Rf3 Pa2b2b4d2d6e6g3

h#2.5*                                       (4+10)
Take & Make

2 Responses to No.1113 (LP)

  1. Paul Raican says:

    The content could be enriched as follows: -bPa2 -bPg3 +bSc2 wPb3->h2, h#2.5* 3 solutions

    • Laco Packa says:

      Thank you for drawing attention to options that are hiding in the position. But I rather prefer the unity of content even at the cost of reducing the quantity of variants that are contained in it.

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