No.1188 (MB&FP)

Michael Barth & Franz Pachl


Original Fairy problems
JF – 2017(I): January – June

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No.1188 Michael Barth &
Franz Pachl


original – 11.02.2017

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White Ka4 Pb2 Pc5 Pc6 Black Ka6 Bd5 Pa2 Pb3 Ph3 Pe4 Pg6 Pa7 Zh8 Mf5 Neutral Ph2 Pc7

h#2      b) bRb8; c) bRd8   (4+10+2)
Zebra h8
Moose f5

9 Responses to No.1188 (MB&FP)

  1. Geoff Foster says:

    I especially like the mates by nMb8 and nZd8, and how those same pieces must not give self-check on the same squares after Circe rebirths.

  2. Joost de HeerJoost says:

    This can be done twinless, if you use a pion complet:
    W: Ka4 Pb3 Pc5 Pc6 Mh8
    B: Ka6 Bg1 Pa7 Pf5 Pg6 Za2
    N: Ph2 PCc7
    (C+ WinChloe)

    • Dmitri TurevskiDmitri Turevski says:

      The play is very series-like indeed (more direct series for that matter), but introducing a new type of fairy piece?

      • Joost de HeerJoost says:

        If you change the PC to a normal pawn, and use the same twinning mechanism as the original composition, this is C+ too.

    • Joost de HeerJoost says:

      W: Ka4 Pb3 Pc5 Pc6 Mh8
      B: Ka6 Pa7 Pf5 Pg6 Za2
      N: Ph2 Pb7
      ser-h#3 Circe
      (b) b7->c7
      (c) b7->d7

  3. Georgy EvseevGeorgy Evseev says:

    In the light of current discussion, I can propose the following version.

    White : Ka4 Pc6c5
    Black : Ka6 Sd5a2 Pa7g6b3h3 MOf5 Zd8
    Neutral : Pc7h2

    b) Zd8>b8, 2.1…

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