No.1197 (AO)

Aleksey Oganesjan (Russia)


Original Fairy problems
JF – 2017(I): January – June

No.1197 Aleksey Oganesjan

original – 18.03.2017

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white Kg1 Bb2 black Kd3 Rd2 Pb3c2

h=4                                              (2+4)
b) Rd2?e2 ; c) bBd2

6 Responses to No.1197 (AO)

  1. GanapathiGanapathi says:

    Very original, I think! Shnoebelen theme brought into normal play (ie other than Retro/PG!

  2. Joost de HeerJoost says:

    Nitpick: It’s ‘Schnoebelen’.

  3. Kjell Widlert says:

    An economical way of forcing three different wK routes, in turn forcing three different Schnoebelen promotions on c1. Of course, it is impossible to force a Schnoebelen queen without some additional condition…

  4. Joost de HeerJoost says:

    This is basically a ser-#4:
    W: Kg1
    B: Ka1 Rd2 Pa2 Pc1
    (b) Rd2->e2
    (c) Rd2=Bd2

    (a) Pawn c1 promotes to a knight, then 1. Kf1 2. Ke1 3. Kd2 4. Kc1=
    (b) Pawn c1 promotes to a bishop, then 1. Kf1 2. Ke2 3. Kd1 4. Kc1=
    (c) Pawn c1 promotes to a rook, then 1. Kf2 2. Ke2 3. Kd2 4. Kc1=

    • Aleksey Oganesjan says:

      Probably you mean ser-=4 (not ser-#4)?
      It looks like a joke problem which usually has a stipulation with 1/2-move, 1/3-move, 1/4-move and etc :)) Such problems often includes unusual chess moves – castling, promotion and en-passant-capture – that consist of some “components”.

      In your version the Pawn already executed a move c2-c1 (or b2xc1) but does not yet promote in any piece – so, it would be really say that the Pawn executed 1/2-move 🙂

      I think my h=4-problem is “not fully serial”: yes, Black can execute their moves serially regardless of White (c1X-Kc2-Kb1-Ka2) but White cannot execute their moves serially (Kg1-f~-e~-d~xc1) because at first bK must take off control on some squares that need for wK. So I think that the stipation h= is more suitable than ser-= with “jesting” condition like “Completion of bP promotion” 🙂

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