No.1301 (MMD&BS)

Michael McDowell & Brian Stephenson (Great Britain)

Warm welcome to the both authors in Original problems section of JF!

Original Fairy problems
July – December’2018

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No.1301 Michael McDowell & Brian Stephenson
Great Britain

original – 01.07.2018

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white BHa5a6 RHe2 Kf3 black BHg1 Bd2 Pc4 Kf1

h#4                                              (4+4)
Bishophopper a5,a6,g1
Rookhopper e2

One Response to No.1301 (MMD&BS)

  1. Peter Fayers says:

    I agree that it is ideal mate. The removal of any single white unit would negate it, which surely must be the pedantic definition of “Ideal”.

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