No.1348 (IS)

Ivan Skoba 
(Czech Republic)

Original Fairy problems
July – December’2018

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No.1348 Ivan Skoba
Czech Republic

original – 26.11.2018

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White royal RNb6 Black royal RNc5 Neutral Pc4 Pd2

ser-#6                                     (1+1+2)
Royal Rose-lion b6, c5
Neutral pawns c4, d2 b) ser-=6 after shift a1->b1

3 Responses to No.1348 (IS)

  1. luce says:

    cook in b) on Winchloe 2 solutions
    1.ROLRa1 2.ROLRg1 3.ROLRxd4 4.ROLRg1 5.ROLRg7 6.ROLRxe2=
    1.ROLRf3 2.ROLRb3 3.ROLRe6 4.ROLRa2 5.ROLRg2 6.e4=

  2. Joost de HeerJoost says:

    The difference between Popeye and Winchloe: In winchloe the rose-lion can capture its hurdle.

  3. Joost de HeerJoost says:

    The theme can of course be shown in a trivial matter without twins:
    W: rRNb4
    B: rRNd5
    N: Pd4e2
    (a) ser-#2 (b) ser-=2

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