No.1349 (AT)

Arno Tüngler

Original Fairy problems
July – December’2018

No.1349 Arno Tüngler

original – 04.12.2018

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white Ke8 Pa7d3d4f3h2h5 black Kd5 Qg7 Ba1b1 Rb2e3 Se6 Pc4c6f4g3h4h6

ser-!=66                              (7+13) C?

4 Responses to No.1349 (AT)

  1. Jacques Rotenberg says:

    what is the cook when the a-pawn is lower than a6 ?

  2. Arno Tüngler says:

    For example: 1.Ke8 2.hxg3 3.gxf4 7.f8=B 8.Bb4 13.f8=B 14.Bfe7 18.Ka6 20.Bxh6 21.Bf4 24.h8=R 26.Rxc6 27.Rxc4 29.Ra8 30.Bb8 32.Ba5-c7 33.Ka7 35.a6 !=
    So, with wPa6 that should already not be possible.

  3. Jacques Rotenberg says:

    Is it so important to say « without capture « ?
    Is there already a longer position « with captures » ?

  4. Arno Tüngler says:

    Yes, the longest has 173 moves with and 119 moves without promoted force. See PDB P1333509 and P1273550. In long series-movers captures are usually quite important to get small changes in the position that add length.

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