No.1386 (AB&JL)

Arnold Beine & Juraj Lörinc
(Germany / Slovakia)

Original Fairy problems
January – June’2019

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No.1386 Arnold Beine &
Juraj Lörinc

Germany / Slovakia

original – 17.03.2019

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White Kb4 Sf6 Pc4 Pd3 Pd5 Pd6 Pe2 Pf2 Pg5 Gc1 Ge5 Black Kh8 Pd7 Pg6 Ph7

ser-h#18*       b) Pc4→c5       (11+4)
Grasshopper c1, e5

One Response to No.1386 (AB&JL)

  1. Luce says:

    Congratulations Arnold, Juraj for these very pleasant and original solutions.

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