No.1399 (SNR)

S.N. Ravi Shankar

Original Fairy problems
January – June’2019

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No.1399 S.N. Ravi Shankar

original – 19.04.2019

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white Bf1c1 Ke1 Qd1 Ph2g2f2e2d2c2b2a2 Sg1b1 Rh1a1 black Bf8c8 Ke8 Qd8 Ph7g7f7e7d7c7b7a7 Sg8b8 Rh8a8

h#2.5                 Try              (16+16)
Duellist Chess

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  1. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    Anticipated by a superior setting.

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