No.1405 (LK&JL)

?uboš buy cialis johor bahru Kekely & Juraj Lörinc

Original Fairy problems
January – June’2019

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No.1405 ?uboš Kekely &
Juraj Lörinc


original – 20.05.2019

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white Ga1b3e7h2 Ra2g1 Sa5g8 Pa4b2c3c6d4g5g7 Kf3 black Kh5 Pf7

ser-h+++49                              (16+2)
Grasshopper a1,b3,e7,h2

One Response to No.1405 (LK&JL)

  1. Luce says:

    Interesting King rundlauf,
    but the goal is anecdotic.

    Some informations about multiple checks
    to a King.

    In serie movers the record seems the following
    where IT IS ALSO A MATE:
    n°529297 winchloe database/ (it is not precised
    if it is C+)
    White : Ka7 Qf4 Rd6é5h3 Bg3d2 Sb6f5ç4d4g4d1f1 Pf2h2
    Black : Kg1
    Problemkiste 2012
    sd+(15)19 (16+1) C?
    1.Sç2 2.Rd3 3.Sd5 7.Ké3 8.Qd4 9.Bf4 10.Rf3 15.h8=S 16.Sg6 17.Sgh4 18.Sg2 19.Kg1«Ké3
    15 checks…and mate !

    Another recent example of a quadruple check…and mate, is one of the problems of the article “Records of promotions of the same fairy piece in sh#n ABC” Phenix 286 (june 18)
    (not yet registered in winchloe database,
    but I have to do it !)

    White : Ké1 Pd7
    Black : Kd5 Pa4b3a2b2 Mç5
    Sébastien LUCE
    Roméo BEDONI
    Phénix 2018
    sh‡16 (2+6) C+
    c5= black Eagle-Lion

    1.a1=AL 2.ALç4 3.a3 4.a2 5.a1=AL 6.ALa3 7.ALa7 8.ALd8 9.b1=AL 10.ALç3 11.b2 12.b1=AL 13.ALé6 14.ALa4 15.ALç8 16.ALb7 dxç8=AL‡
    final position
    White : Ké1 Mç8
    Black : Kd5 Md8b7é6ç5
    5 promotions en Eagle-Lion/here the mate with quadruple check at the end is not the goal
    but the only way to reach the mate in 16 moves!

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