No.1425,1426 (SS)

Sergey Shumeiko 

Original Fairy problems
July – December’2019

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No.1425 Sergey Shumeiko

original – 31.07.2019

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white Kf1 black Kh2

s!=6*                                          (1+1)
Haaner Chess

No.1426 Sergey Shumeiko

original – 31.07.2019

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white Kf1 black Kh2

ser-hza1 6      b) ser-hzh8 6     (1+1)
Bichrome Chess
Messigny Chess

One Response to No.1425,1426 (SS)

  1. Thomas Maeder says:

    The comment about the Popeye bug reached me fractions of a sec^H^H^Hday after I started releasing Popeye 4.83.

    Fixed for 4.85.

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