No.1451 (MMD)

Michael McDowell
(Great Britain)

Original Fairy problems
July – December’2019

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No.1451 Michael McDowell
Great Britain

original – 29.09.2019

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white Ke8 Sg4 Pe7 black Kd4 Pc3d3 EMc6 PRh7

h#2               b) Sg4→c7             (3+5)
Empress c6
Princess h7

No.1451.1 Michael McDowell
Great Britain

version of No.1451 – 06.10.2019

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white Ka5 Pd7 black Kd4 Pd5 EMc1 PRg6

h#2.5           2 solutions            (2+4)
Empress c1
Princess g6

2 Responses to No.1451 (MMD)

  1. shankar ram says:

    Great improvement, Michael!
    Adds ODT too.
    Letztform and a textbook introduction to their majesties!

  2. This improvement reminds me of the lecture of Abdelaziz Onkoud given in Marianka 2014. See page 37 of the bulletin, it can be found at

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