No.1453 (HG)

Hubert Gockel

Original Fairy problems
July – December’2019

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No.1453 Hubert Gockel

original – 20.10.2019

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white Qc2 Pc3b6 Sd4 Rf5 Ka1 black Bh1 Ke3 Qa8 Pf3f4e5f7b7a6 Se4 Rf8

#2vv                                          (6+11)
Breton Adverse

2 Responses to No.1453 (HG)

  1. Kjell Widlert says:

    The logic is not as simple as one would think (which makes the problem all the more interesting). The Breton adverse condition allows White to remove any black P when capturing Pe5. So White sets up a threat by removing a guarding bP … no, that is true only for the solution! Rf5-e5 actually sets up two threats (Sf5#, Rxe4#), and the bP removals on b7 and f7 serve as dual-avoidance effects (Sushkov-theme style). The removal of Pf3 in the solution rules out both threats by dual-avoidance effects, but lets in a new threat by removal of a guard (so this is a form a threat correction, too).

    The appearance of all three thematic mates in every phase works quite seamlessly. I’m especially impressed with how Sf5# and Rxe4# are produced in the solution.

  2. Hubert Gockel says:

    I couldn’t have explained the contents better – so thank you very much, Kjell!

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