No.1456 (LS&MD)

Ladislav Salai jr. (Slovakia) &
Michal Dragoun

Original Fairy problems
July – December’2019

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No.1456 Ladislav Salai jr. &
Michal Dragoun


original – 17.11.2019

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white Kf2 Se7 pb4d5f4 LIc7g6 black Kd4 Ra7 Bd1 Sc2 pg5g7 RLb7c6c8h5 BLa8a3f5h7 

h#2            6 solutions         (7+14)
Rook-Lion b7,c6,c8,h5
Bishop-Lion a8,a3,f5,h7
Lion c7,g6

2 Responses to No.1456 (LS&MD)

  1. Kjell Widlert says:

    It’s mainly about the guard of c3+c4 by LIc6, and the guard of d3+e4 by LIg6. The lions can switch lines to mate still guarding c4/e4, with Black blocking c3/d4 (1st pair); or they can switch lines to mate still guarding c3/d3, with Black blocking c4/e4 (2nd pair); or they can enable S mates on c6/f5 by moving to the other end of the guarding lines so that the guards by RLc8/BLh7 are eliminated, with Black blocking d5 so that Se7 is free to move (3rd pair).
    Rich and harmonious.

  2. shankar ram says:

    Very nice 6 solution HOTF!
    Another h#2 by the same authors for comparison:

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