No.1463 (EH)

Eric Huber

Original Fairy problems
July – December’2019

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No.1463 Eric Huber

original – 15.12.2019

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White Ke1 TIf1 TIh8 TIg3 TIa1 TIc3 Black Kg4 Pf4h3 Neutral Qh1 Pg2

h#2.5          2 solutions        (1+3+2)
4 Total Invisibles

4 Responses to No.1463 (EH)

  1. Georgy EvseevGeorgy Evseev says:

    As there are neutral pieces on the board, the TIs may be neutral (why not?) and then second solution does not work, as the final TI may be a neutral rook (not a white one).

    • Seetharamanseetharaman says:

      Perhaps it should be stipulated that as only neutral pawn and queen are there the TI can only be that, not a neutral rook !!

  2. Thomas Maeder says:

    > the TIs may be neutral (why not?)

    Obviously because I won’t program them 🙂

  3. Eric HuberEric says:

    I have published other originals with Total Invisibles in Problem Paradise 86, Apr-Jun. 2019 and it was then already mentioned that “none of the Total Invisibles can be neutral.”

    My concise definition of a Total Invisible would be the following:

    “A white or black orthodox piece that stands somewhere on the board, but whose color, identity and whereabouts are not known. The initial position and sequence of moves of the solution must be legal. After all aspects of a Total Invisible are revealed, it becomes visible and turns into an ordinary piece.”

    If you allow the Invisibles to be also neutral, then you need more moves to identify the White Invisibles that can give mate and exclude the neutral Invisibles that can prevent mate.
    The solutions would be more diluted and would lose most of their charm.

    Longer solutions would also mean more cooks, all the more so as Popeye doesn’t check problems with neutral Invisibles and can’t help you.

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