No.1476 (CP)

Cornel Pacurar

Original Fairy problems
January – June’2020

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No.1476 Cornel Pacurar

original – 19.01.2020

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White Ke1 Black Ke3 Neutral Ba7f3 Rf7h2

ser-hs#3      b) Ba7→g7        (1+1+4)
Super Circe
Point Reflection
Neutral pieces a7, f3, f7, h2

One Response to No.1476 (CP)

  1. I would have preferred the solutions to be written in the format below (a ser-hs#3 is a 3-move help-series followed by a s#1, not a 4-move series – see, for instance, However, as informed by Julia, this would have broken the animation..

    1.nRxf3 (+nBc6) 2.nRxc6 (+nBc4) 3.nRxc4 (+nBg3)+
    & 1.nRxg3 (+nBc1)+ nRxc1 (+nBb6)#

    1.nRxg7 (+nBh3) 2.Kxf3 (+nBc1) 3.nRxh3 (+nBg3)+
    & 1.nRxg3 (+nBh1)+ nRxh1 (+nBb6)#

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