No.1487 (PT)

Pierre Tritten

Original Fairy problems
January – June’2020

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No.1487 Pierre Tritten

original – 29.02.2020

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white Kf3 Rb3 Bf5 Sa3 Pg7e6g4 black Kd3 Re4 Bc3 Sb8 Sb7 Pc7c6a5

h#2               b) Sa3→b1             (7+8)

2 Responses to No.1487 (PT)

  1. Kjell Widlert says:

    Most spectacular is the fact that the FTF-transformed bSb4/f6 cannot capture the mating piece because Black would have to remove his own Bc3/Re4, re-activating the transformed white piece with self-check.

    Most subtle – and to me, most interesting – is the promotion on g8, played only so that White has something other than Rb3/Bf5 (which are needed to guard flights) to remove in the mating move.

  2. Paul Raican says:

    Checked also by Jacobi. Try in a): 1.Kd2? Rb1 2.Rxe6 [-c6] Sc4+ 3.c7-c5! and in b): 1.Kc4? Rb5 2.Rd4 Sa3+ 3.a5-a4!

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