No.1495 (FP,MB,ST)

Franz Pachl, Michael Barth & Sven Trommler

Original Fairy problems
January – June’2020

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No.1495 Franz Pachl,
Michael Barth & Sven Trommler


original – 13.04.2020

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neutral Rg5 caa1 ze5 Bc7 black Se3b8 Pe2d4b5a6 Ke6 Rf6 Pg4 Bc2 white Ke8

h#2        b) Ze5↔CAa1      (1+10+4)
Annan Chess
Neutral Camel a1
Neutral Zebra e5
Neutral Bc7, Rg5

5 Responses to No.1495 (FP,MB,ST)

  1. Seetharamanseetharaman kalyan says:

    Brilliant. So many things happen on the last move. The motive for the B2 move becomes only after the mating W2 move is played. Unraveling it is the interesting part of the problem. I will let the others look at deep !

  2. Hubert Gockel says:

    The allure of irreversible neutral mating moves – a prime example for Franz’ jubilee tourney!

  3. Hubert Gockel says:

    Additional note: the mentionned jubilee tourney is for helpselfmates (2-4 moves) only, see

  4. Seetharamanseetharaman kalyan says:

    Good news. Time till July 6! Prize money too !

  5. JuliaJulia says:

    Just a little improvement is made right on the diagram published, nRh5 moved to g5, bBg4 replaced with bPg4.

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