No.1013 (AL)

Alex Levit


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No.1013 Alex Levit

original – 25.02.2016

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white Kd1 black Kc5 Bb4 Pe6

-19 & #1    Proca Retractor      (1+3)

2 Responses to No.1013 (AL)

  1. Vlaicu Crisan says:

    To my current knowledge, this is a task: the longest Proca Retractor AntiCirce Wenigsteiner. The previous record (18 moves) was held by Paul Raican.

    The black King far away from of the edge of the chessboard seems to be a novelty in this kind of problems. Andreas Thoma was the first composer who successfully realized Proca Retractor AntiCirce in Wenigsteiner with bK not initially placed on the edge.

    Here, thanks to a draw pendulum, the bK is decoyed to the edge of the board. As typical in this kind of compositions, white needs to employ several successive preparatory plans in order to reach its objective.

    A truly outstanding achievement, which will hopefully become a candidate for the WJP 2016 selection!

    • And as I have just found out, there is longer Wenigsteiner Proca retractor in existence, by AL too:

      Alex Levit
      Problem Paradise I-III/2016
      dedicated to Vlaicu Crisan
      Kf1 Ph5
      Kb1 Sf1
      -21 & #1, Proca Retractor

      Is there any information about possible cooks available, please?

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