No. 1146 (PR)

Paul Rãican


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No.1145 Paul Rãican

original – 24.10.2016

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white Bf1c1 Ke1 Qd1 Ph2g2f2e2d2c2b2a2 Sg1b1 Rh1a1 black Bf8c8 Ke8 Qd8 Ph7g7f7e7d7c7b7a7 Sg8b8 Rh8a8

PG 16.5                                     (8+11)

6 Responses to No. 1146 (PR)

  1. Luce Sebastien says:

    Julia, the n° of this diag is 1146 !

  2. Nikola Predrag says:

    Dmitri’s Py2Web is priceless for such problems.
    It makes me aware that I don’t actually see why not 11.Rxg1/17.Kd3.

  3. Nikola Predrag says:

    Thanks Joost!
    Nice line-closing and of course unexpected for those (it’s me) who unduly but stubbornly look for the answer only on e,f,g files.
    Quite a misconception 🙁

  4. Quite an achievement, do I see it right as Schnoebelen AUW by both sides? Great choice of fairy condition right for the idea…

    • Joost de HeerJoost de Heer says:

      No white queen promotion.

      Personally, I think the chance of this being correct is less than 1%, but it takes too much time to find the cook.

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