No.1237 (PR)

Paul Rãican (Romania)

Original Retro & PG problems
JF – R2017-18

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No.1237 Paul Rãican

original – 15.09.2017

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neutral Ig7a8c8d8e8f8g8h8a7b7c7d7e7b8h7g4f3a2b2g2h2a1b1c1f1g1

PG 6.5   #1 by Black  (0+0+26)    (C-)
Undefined pieces
Volage Chess

No.1237.1 Paul Rãican

version of No.1237 – 18.04.2018

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white Oa1a2b1b2c1d1e2f2g1g2 black Od5h3 Ra8h8 Sb8g8 Bc8f8 Qd8 Ke8 Pa7b7c7d7e7g7h7

PG 6.5   #1                    (10+17)    (C-)
Masked Units
Volage Chess

8 Responses to No.1237 (PR)

  1. François Labelle says:

    Many different cooks found by the program I’m working on. For example:

    1.Sh3=b Sf4 2.c3=b Sxe2 3.Bxe2 f6=w 4.O-O cxd2 5.Qxd2=b Qxe2 6.fxe7 Qg4 7.f3=b Qxg2#
    1.c3=b f6=w 2.d3=b dxe2 3.fxe7 exf1=S 4.Qg4 Sxh2 5.f3=b Sxg4 6.Kf1 cxb2 7.Rh2=b bxc1=R#
    1.f3=b fxe2 2.c3=b exf1=S 3.Qg4 cxd2+ 4.Kd1 dxc1=S 5.Kxc1 f5 6.Sf3=b fxg4 7.Rg1=b Se3#

    • Ladislav Packa says:

      Can you test the correctness of this type of PG?

      • François Labelle says:

        Yes, but only for fairy conditions that I have programmed. I programmed Volage specially to be able to test this problem. I’ll be releasing my program soon so that everyone can test problems. I don’t think I have any choice, if I’m the only one with this tool then my personal mailbox will be filled with private requests from composers to test their originals. 🙂

  2. Ladislav Packa says:

    I suppose the Orthodox rules should be without problems. Could you test me a short SPG (dia8.5)?

  3. Georgy EvseevGeorgy Evseev says:

    Is it really “big unmasking” in 1237.1?
    Or is it simply a diagram error?

  4. Paul Rãican says:

    Yes, indeed, 15 units are visible, because it is this position which I verified with Jacobi.

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