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Оригинальные задачи


21-22е мая, 2018

  • (22.05) No.1299 – Алексей Оганесян (#1). Автор полагает, что данная “ретро-мини-задача” может быть отнесена к разделу Ретро.
  • (21.05) No.1261.3 – Günther Weeth (-18 & #1 Proca Retractor ; Anti-Circe Calvet). On the occasion of the fairy chess friends’ meeting at Andernach (10.- 13.05.2018) both Kjell Widlert and Dirk Borst told me about the dual in JF 1261.2 (17.Ke4-f5, Sd7-f6+ 18.Bc5 and Bf6-d4 etc.). So another attempt at saving the problem turned out to be necessary. I do hope that now the job has successfully been done, after all that confusion on my side. Let me again apologize for causing so much trouble and let me warmly thank you for all your attention and patience. (Author)

Анимация диаграмм: Py2Web Дмитрия Туревского и графика WinChloe.

Все ранее опубликованные задачи Вы можете увидеть в подразделах верхнего меню Оригинальные задачи. Следующий конкурс начнется после перерыва, 1ого июля (судья: Kjell Widlert). Судья Retro & PG problems 2017-2018Dirk Borst

Composing Tournaments of the RIFACE 2018, C20.05.2018

The 39th RIFACE (Rencontre Internationale en France des Amateurs de Composition Echiquéenne) will take place at Ecully, May 18-20, 2018.

Themes of composing tournaments:

RIFACE 2018 – Thème aidés.pdfThème féerique.pdfThème rétro.pdf

Address to send the entries : RIFACE.2018@gmail.com  for helpmates and fairies ; abrobecker@yahoo.com for retro problems
Time limit to send the entries : Sunday 20th May
 at 15:00

Composing Tournament of the 43rd World Chess Olympiad 2018

The Chess Composing Tournament in the frame of the 43rd World Chess Olympiad 2018 (Batumi, Georgia) includes also fairy section: H. The Fairy– Judge: Petko Petkov (Bulgaria)

In each section only three compositions by each author are accepted and joint compositions are not allowed. The closing date is September 20th, 2018. The compositions must be sent via email to the director’s address: admin@chessstar.com, Ferad Kakabadze (Ferhat Karmil) (Batumi). Three medals and certificates are awarded to the winners of each section.