О разном в июне, 2018



Июнь, 2018

Ожидая начала следующего сказочного конкурса 1ого июля….

  • Результаты конкурсов по составлению с RIFACE 2018.
  • Выпуски Conflictio No.5 & Conflictio No.6 – Juraj Lörinc – добавлены к разделу Статей.
  • Chris Feather пишет о своем выпуске Fairings
    “Dear Fairings reader,
    It seems that Fairings has reached its end: I have composed nothing this year and have no ideas for any further compositions. I hope to produce one more issue, towards the end of 2018, with versions, corrections and anything else needed to round off this project which started nine years ago. As you may readily understand, I am especially grateful to Stephen for his vital part in it.
    Many thanks for your interest and support; my best wishes to you.”