The Romanian magazine Componist-Buletin Problemistic is announcing the Memorial Tournament dedicated to Anatole F. Ianovcic, in order to commemorate 35 years from his passing away.
The request is: mate in 2 moves with Ianovcic theme, containing at least one grasshopper and/or at least one nightrider. There are not allowed other fairy pieces or fairy conditions.
Entries should be sent until November 1st 2020, at the tournament director Dinu-Ioan Nicula,
e-mail: | Prizes in chess literature.

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  1. Seetharamanseetharaman kalyan пишет:

    Interesting tourney. Are both G & N allowed in the same #2?

  2. Seetharamanseetharaman kalyan пишет:

    Any examples of the theme?

  3. Vlaicu Crisan пишет:

    Please have a look at the following:
    You will find out probably the most exhaustive presentation of the Ianovcic theme, including one with Grasshopper and one with Nightrider.

    • Kjell Widlert пишет:

      Actually, problem 151 is with G+N, and problem 152 is with G.
      The definition of the Ianovcic theme seems unclear. “Encyclopedia of Chess Problems” says “The key self-pins [a] white thematic piece. In defence Black indirectly selfpins his pinning piece so that [the] white thematic piece can move along the pin line (Pelle move) and give a direct mate.”
      But problems 1-20 of the article, grouped under the headline “Ianovcic – Simplu”, don’t have a self-pinning key. I assume this is also accepted in the Ianovcic theme.
      Also, I wonder why in problem 67 (Drese), the variation 1. – S~ 2.Qe7# is not marked as a thematic variation (only 1. – Sf5 2.Qe5# is). It meets the requirements of the theme according to the Encyclopedia. Is there some additional requirement, or is this just an oversight by the author?

  4. Vlaicu Crisan пишет:

    The above definition of the Ianovcic theme is unfortunately not complete. The black piece playing the thematic defence must also interfere the line of a third black figure. The Pelle mate should also exploit this interference.
    This full definition also explains why in problem 67 (Drese), the variation 1…S~ 2.Qe7# is not thematic, but 1…Sf5 (interfering bRg5) 2.Qe5# is thematic.

    In the article, there are mentioned several ways to express the theme:
    “Ianovcic simplu” means the thematic white piece delivering the mate is already pinned before the key.
    “Ianovcic compus” requires a self-pinning key.
    “Ianovcic dublu” is realized when the white pieces delivers two distinct mates along the pin line.
    “Ianovcic II” (after Gavrilov’s idea) says the thematic white piece is actually the rear piece of a white battery.
    “Anti-Ianovcic”: after the key white threatens mate by a Pelle move. Black defends by unpinning his pinned officer and at the same time removing the interference of the third black figure.

    • Kjell Widlert пишет:

      Good to have this matter cleared up. Thanks for the help, Vlaicu!
      (All this shows that it would have been a good idea to include a definition of the theme with the announcement of the tourney. And perhaps an example too… But now we have both.)

  5. Johan Beije пишет:

    I made an fairy twomover (Pao/Vao) with Jovanovic-theme although not recognized by Winchloe. October 2003, Suomen Tehtäväniekka. You can find it in the WInchloe Database.

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